Logo(spanish on top)-01PROJECT SUMMARY

The Watts Community Studio is a research project supported by LA City Council District 15 Office of Joe Buscaino. The project goal is to inform local planning and economic development policy by surveying the business owners and residents of Watts in order to find out what problems most concern the community and determine how the Council District can support positive change. Including the community in the decision-making process for the future of Watts is very important. We will be conducting surveys in the neighborhood throughout the end of August – look for our local high school volunteers wearing white T-shirts with the logo above if you want to take a survey. Tell your Council District what you envision for Watts!

The Watts Community Studio team is using different ways to reach out to residents, like (1) walking door-to-door, (2) surveying at places where there are a lot of residents, like Ted Watkins Park, (3) attending local events, like the LAPD Night Out, (4) partnering with local organizations to administer surveys, and (5) working with local churches and faith-based organizations.

In addition to surveys, we also aim to increase collaboration and organization between small businesses, community-based organizations and faith-based organizations by conducting focus groups. Please contact us if you are a Watts business owner or local entrepreneur and we will be glad to connect you to community organizations or resources.

There are incredible cultural assets in the community so please check our blog regularly for posts on great gatherings, community activities, art and more! Check the Calendar page for upcoming events.

Check out our free resources & data!

The data we receive from our research will be made public for the community. Please see our Resources & Data page for more information on Watts.


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