Hey Watts Residents! Have you filled out a survey?

The Watts Community Studio (WCS) is nearing the final days of residential surveys. The dedicated survey administrators are still out conducting residential and small business surveys in the neighborhood. If you are a resident of Watts and have not filled out a survey yet please email us so we can let you know the survey locations for this week. If you want to find us, look for these guys below!

Watts Community Studio surveyors walking along Central Ave.


2 thoughts on “Hey Watts Residents! Have you filled out a survey?

    • Thank you so much for your inquiry and interest in Watts Community Studio. In our September 7th blog, we talk about the various methods that our project used to survey residents. Starting in June, the WCS sent out letters to all organizations and social service agencies about this project, inviting them to participate in survey administration. During our month-long survey administration phase in August, our dedicated survey team worked every weekday afternoon to survey as many residents as possible because every voice matters. Unfortunately, it is inevitable that we didn’t reach everyone. We welcome any suggestions you have for improving the process in the future and welcome you to contact us directly. Please see our Contact Us page for more information.

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